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Sign my guestbook!


Alas, again members have special priviledges.
the5oclockshadow says... Thx
2006-11-22 02:42:52   [ip: ]

Thx for the pts...a true Thxgiving gift!!!
siti84 says... haha
2006-08-31 08:33:40   [ip: ]
You guestbook is very interesting. You even have someone who is holding a ransom. Haha. Stay cool papagoya. See you around.
redintersectsme says... I HAVE YOUR BABOON
2006-08-11 11:43:47   [ip: ]
and i will not return it until i receive 4000 non-consecutive, unmarked protista points.
sillygirl9000200 says... ...
2005-08-12 08:10:22   [ip:]
I know of someone who is cheating, who is giving points to himself, and others when ever he pleases
le_battement says... y0 papagoya, i have a complaint.
2003-07-31 05:10:48   [ip:]
i was reading your conversation with courtney love, while drinking a nice can of brisk lemonade. i was just taking a sip when i read "my baboon is in your backyard," which made me crack up and spit the lemonade all over my pants. now my pants are wet and it is uncomfortable. you owe me an apology/protista points. i know you have connections and you can get me some PP's.
dean says... papagoya....
2003-06-11 03:42:26   [ip:]
le_battement says... hi.
2003-06-07 03:34:32   [ip:]
how's it going, papagoya? thanks for inventing the marvelous technology of PPGY.

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